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Everything You Should Know About Getting Your Insurance Company to Cover Your Weight Loss Program.

Do you stop to think how much that extra bag of fries of milkshake is costing you beside the amount of money you spend at the moment? Obesity is becoming too expensive not just for the individual but also for the employer. The figure employers are paying for their obese workers in health claims is more than seventy-three billion per year. Healthy employees do not make as much claims as those who are overweight. This is why some employers are covering several weight loss programs to encourage their employees to lose weight. Even so, terms and conditions apply in matters to do with the care level and also the kind of coverage you have. Now, there are employers who are allowing their workers to pay their weight loss surgeries using the health insurance card. A lot of hospitals will ask for $30000 for a bypass procedure but if you think this amount is too much you should think about how much a company will pay for the obesity-related conditions if the said employee remains obese. Remember that you should also factor in the time the employee will be off work. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean just anyone can have their gastric bypass surgery charged on their insurance card which is why communicating with the insurance company to get the facts is highly recommended.

For the approval to be granted, you have to convince the insurer that you actually need the surgery. The prove can be a recommendation letter from your doctor. The letter should include the treatments you have undergone or may need in the future, your current health condition, BMI and also weight history. If you can show how your obesity limits your daily task then the better, but this should be accompanied by an indication of how you will be able to do better once the situation is resolved. You will not succeed at getting the surgery approved if you do not demonstrate your desire to change your lifestyle. You can book appointments to consult with a medical nutritionist occasionally or even pay for gym membership.However, you cannot get out of that as soon as the surgery is done and assume there will be no repercussions. If you do not follow the rules, the amount spent on the surgery might be deducted from the income. There are other weight loss programs covered by health insurance besides a gastric bypass and if you need more information about these you can check on this website.

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